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And ALL women are able to achieve the repetitive waves of pleasure, it's just a case of knowing how. But don't stop here. After she has orgasmed continue to touch her gently until it builds up to a second or third explosion.

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Female orgasms can also be a subject that people find incredibly hard to talk about. So a group of women have anonymously written a collection of 72 shorts essays enlightening men on the key to a great orgasm. Simple named 'How to Make Me Come', the blog speaks openly about how to pleasure a woman.

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Suddenly sliding away from that peak is disappointing, to say the least. That's doubly true for women, many of whom find it much harder to achieve orgasm during penetrative sex. In fact, according to a recent survey, only 65 percent of heterosexual women consistently reach the pinnacle of pleasure during sex.

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Every decent guy wants to give his woman an orgasm in exchange for his own. There are three main points to remember when you want to give her an orgasm during sex. Remember this, young grasshopper, and you will never be lonely again! Focus on making her feel comfortable, making her feel sexyand showing her that it's okay to lose control.

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And if you don't know how to make girls crawl the walls, you really need to learn how to. It does a lot for your confidence… and it does a lot for your ability to hang onto a girl you really like. Really, there's no reason that you shouldn't be able to give a girl an orgasm multiple times when you're sleeping with her.

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This is far and away the biggest thing women wish men did more of in bed. Most men don't do this — instead, they clumsily plow straight to intercourse as fast as possible. This means that "foreplay" usually consists of a few minutes of obligatory kissing, followed by a few minutes of obligatory breast stimulation, followed by a few minutes of obligatory cunnilingus until the ultimate goal of intercourse is reached.

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Stringing together a series of intense multiple orgasms that keep your woman coming all night long is one of the most entertaining and empowering ways to make her sexually addicted to you. Conniving, I know. So how do you make it happen in spite of this cruel, pleasure denying conspiracy?

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Giving your partner just one orgasm is cause for celebration. But giving your partner multiple orgasms? Well, that's enough reason to throw a freaking parade. That said, one small note: the ability to come more than once comes pun intended far more easier for women than it does for guys.

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Phil says it takes a woman 14 minutes to have an orgasm… well I feel bad for Dr. Well, one thing is for sure… unless you have delayed ejaculation, a woman generally does take longer to orgasm than men do. My experience with the female orgasm was not always good… in fact it was terrible — trauma-causing terrible.

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How knowing these signals can almost eliminate your chances of getting rejected or making an embarassing mistake with a girl As a woman, I love when a guy is able to get me off on his own. It makes me feel more connected to him, which just makes me want him all the more and all the more often. In fact, one recent study revealed that


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